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Benefits of weeds


In addition to the removal of weeds from the various canals and lakes in the Kuttanad region, the collected weeds can be converted into bio fertilizer using it as basic raw material. This will give a boost to the organic farming efforts made by the farmers of the State.
The weeds can be processed to produce gas for generating electricity and can also be converted into paper. Projects are available from the central government research laboratories in Hyderabad which will enhance the employment opportunities in the State.
Since the machine is indigenously made, service and spares can be made available without difficulty or delay.

Other uses of Hyacinth weeds are in the Manufacture of:

  • Animal feed green fodder, Leaf protein concentrate, Water hyacinth hay. Silage
  • Ropes Crafts and Furniture
  • Fuel Briquettes, Bio-gas
  • Paper and Boards: Building Boards, Grease Proof Paper, etc.
  • Other Uses: Soap making, Insulation materials, Building materials-as reinforcement, etc.
  • Water purification
  • Possibilities for use in food and pharmaceuticals: Micro-crystalline cellulose (MCCCellulase, etc.

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