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The Kelachandra Weed Harvester consists of a barge made of steel, fitted with belt conveyors, all driven by a marine diesel engine of adequate capacity for operating the hydraulic system. Navigation is by propellers or paddle wheels. The steel fabricated hull will be about 6 to 8m long and 3.5 to 4m wide with a draft of only 30 cm when empty and about 50cm when fully loaded with weeds, enabling the craft to traverse through shallow waters. The weeds are collected by a slanting intake conveyor system which carries the weed on to a horizontal storage conveyor belt on the barge. Here weeds up to about 3 to 5 tons can be stored for discharge on to a truck on land or another barge in water with the aid of a third conveyor. This operation will take only few minutes. With about 2 to 5 trips per hour, 40 to 100 tons of weed collection and removal will be possible per day. A crew of 2 people can operate this entire system. The Kelachandra weed harvester is an extremely efficient, reliable and agile workhorse capable of maintaining a high level of aquatic weed harvesting hour after hour. The Kelachandra weed harvester is the result of years of design, research and development by the Kelachandra machine building specialists. The harvester's propulsion unit and conveyor system are second to none. The robust simplicity of the weed harvester can tackle the most arduous of aquatic weed tasks in a swift and highly productive manner. It is easily maneuverable in water. Operator comfort with ease of operation and safety are well provided for.

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